Humans’ Heartbreaking Downfall

The life of which I have lived before is abruptly coming to a halt as the reality of our world sinks into my ice cold skin. The existence of the brutal and barbaric animals we call humans is a sad one. Nobody deserves anything, yet they expect so much. We do not take the time... Continue Reading →

untitled poems

melancholy is thickening in the back of my throat, taking what little air i have left. melancholy is thickening in the back of my throat, slowly suffocating me to death. melancholy. melancholy. melancholy. melancholy. melancholy melancholy. the more i read the word, the more it starts to morph. the more i read the word, the... Continue Reading →

A Goodbye To My Loved One

Dear beloved, You were the light in my dark and dysphoric world. Yet the light you gave me began to dim due to the fears I had. They filmed over my sight and didn't allow me to see that you were still there. I had convinced myself that you were gone, never to return. And... Continue Reading →

Dear ‘Defeated’ Child,

This world is an unforgiving, frightening, and lonely one. And though many people go through life being oblivious this, you have went years with it haunting your every thought. You have spent your days writing philosophies that make your stomach turn and your heart ache. You have thrown away the things you used to love... Continue Reading →

The Eyes of Death

When your body feels the burden of death coming upon it you will know. You will feel your mind racing before you wither away into oblivion. There's a feeling you get throughout your body that is completely and utterly petrifying. You'll want to cry but you can't because you knew the day would come. You'll... Continue Reading →

The Absolute Truth

*DISCLAIMER* This article is based off of the truth I have obtained in my short little life, and who knows, it may change. Comment your apposing or agreeing ideas, but not insults to my beliefs. Thank you. We live in an inflexible reality. It is a fixed, invariable, unalterable fact that there are absolutely no... Continue Reading →

44,965 People

Every year 44,965 people commit suicide. That's twice the amount of homicide killings. For every 1 suicide, 25 attempt. That's approximately 1,124,125 suicide attempts a year. It's the 10th leading cause of death in the US. Why is that? Why would somebody do such a thing? Well. Let's just think of it this way. When... Continue Reading →

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