The Absolute Truth

*DISCLAIMER* This article is based off of the truth i have obtained in my short little life, and who knows, it may change. Comment you apposing or agreeing ideas, but not insults to my beliefs. Thank you. We live in an inflexible reality. It is a fixed, invariable, unalterable fact that there are absolutely no... Continue Reading →


His Scintillating Smile

I am not an adult. I am still a kid in many ways. I am as basic as the next teenage girl when it comes to finding love, though I have an understanding of the fact that not everything is a forever when it comes to loving another. I have found who I hope to... Continue Reading →

44,965 People

Every year 44,965 people commit suicide. That's twice the amount of homicide killings. For every 1 suicide 25 attempt. That's approximately 1,124,125 suicide attempts a year. It's the 10th leading cause of death in the US. Why is that? Why would somebody do such a thing? Well. Let's just think of it this way. When... Continue Reading →

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